Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hell House technique

     My fundamental belief in free speech compels me to say that the techniques used by Trinity church such as fear and consequences to deliver their message anyway possible are justified.  The use of  a haunted house to reach the masses is a great idea.  People ultimately have the right of choice to go or not go.  That being said there are many ways this documentary could rub many people the wrong way, is it ethical?  Definitely not, I do not think Hampe would approve.  They use many effects of lighting to get the point of the differences in heaven and hell. A haunted house, what a perfect setting. 
     The flow in the way the documentary is presented from the meetings in the beginning to showing the final product at the end intermixed with interviews from attendees who approved and some who didn't helps the viewer to understand the amout of work the church puts into this to get the point out to the people.  The subject matter aside it is an effective documentary, they are not forcing anything upon anyone. It may be a wolf in sheeps clothing and misrepresented to an attendee who was not expecting a lesson in religion while attending a haunted house.  The documentary is extreme to the point of upsetting to some people but they definitely show the viewers the message they are trying to portray.     DeWayne Peterson

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