Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hell House

Qian Zhang

In the documentary Hell House, documentarian employs sequence skillfully makes the whole film organized, making the viewers further understand how the hell house develops and why following God is important for our lives. When I watch the whole film, I feel like I am a member of the group who created hell house. From the beginning part, the filmmaker presents a discussion in church about which behaviors count as sin typically and what would be shown in hell house. Meanwhile, the filmmaker forces the viewers to consider the same question, what is sin in your opinion? Then the filmmaker interviews some people about this question to establish suspense that what would be presented in the hell house. In the middle of the documentary, the filmmaker mainly focuses on the auditions of different cases and how the actors prepared for the show. Moreover, the filmmaker interviews Christians about what God tells us to do and which behavior is sin and we should not do. In that sense, the filmmaker force audience to rethink sin and Christianility, along with what we have done count as sin in our daily lives. In the end of the film, the filmmaker presents the shows in hell house from an audience’s view as well as the reactions from the audience when they watch the show. By this method, the viewers could deeply understand sin and Christianility. Besides, by presenting vividly scenes of the show in hell house, the end of documentary establishes credibility that we would not be punished if we follow God and our life would take a significant turn. Consequently, sequence plays an important role in the whole film. Filmmaker makes the viewers involved in the development of hell house and let them consider the meaning of sin, what happens around us are sin as well as that we would be protected by the favor of God.

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