Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Roger and Me

The irony in Roger and Me is very effective throughout the entire film. Moore uses irony to get the viewers to agree with his point of you. When I think of irony I think of the word opposite. Something either an action or song/statement is telling me something but in reality the exact opposite is happening. One example in the film is when the upper class people in Flint are having the "Great Gatsby" party. The rich people are telling them that you know it may be hard times but there are jobs available and fun things to do like ballet, but then you see the African American people acting as statues. So this is the type of jobs they have created for some people? Thats irony because things are not great and there really are not jobs available. I think that another part is when the four older ladies are golfing. They seem like there is really nothing going on and they just say, "oh go find another job." They even call them lazy and say the are taking the easy way out. Well there is just not enough jobs available right now in Flint. One of the examples I liked most in the film was in AutoWorld. AutoWorld was supposed to be the dream indoor theme park. In in, GM put an auto worker with the thing that replaced him on the line, a machine. There is a song playing and its called, "Me and My Buddy." Well this "buddy" took over the mans job and made him jobless and probably pretty poor. So the songs draws out the irony of the scene. One of the final shots of irony is at the end, when we hear Roger Smith talking about individual dignity and talking about the trees of Christmas. As this speech is going on a woman is being evicted and her Christmas tree got thrown away and she is cursing up a storm. This movie had a ton of irony in it. Overall, I thought it got its message across and was pretty persuasive.

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  1. I strongly agree with the irony that was chose at the Great Gatsby party because it was very ironic to see the rich guy say that the people of flint need to get up off their butts and do something. another ironic moment was how they hired the statues. thats ironic because most of the negative parts of the documentary was filming the african americans.