Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hell House

The techniques used in conveying the message of conforming to Christianity, although somewhat effective, I don't think I agree with them. The documentary itself uses sequence well to go through the process of such an event with coming up with ideas, to building the stage and such, and also then performing the "haunted house". The director's use of sequence is effective because the viewer gets to see the long process the people of the church go through to make this all happen, and it shows how committed the church is. By having people of the church tell the veiwer what their own view of something such as speaking in tounge, or their definition of Hell, the veiwer gets a bit overwhelmed with one-sided opinions. And for some people this tactic might actually turn them away from what the film is trying to say, because if the viewer doesn't believe those things they aren't going to listen with all of their attention. Going through the one dad's life makes the people feel more personable in a way. The viewer gets a feeling by the end that they know the family after having seen their every day routine. They also portray the family in a good light, considering the circumstances. Trying to show that even though bad things have happened to them they still made it through with the "word of God". Which makes the documentarian's side more believable, showing real people who got through things with Jesus. The tactic of the "Hell House" in itself is interesting. Whoever came up with the concept of doing this obviously has their head high enough and nose far enough into the Bible to think that they can carry out such a thing to say "black and white" what is right and what is wrong. It's always interesting to me when I hear people say that what's in the Bible is right and whatever anyone else says is wrong. I don't think it's right for the people of the church to at the end of the haunted house thing coup these people up in a room and preach about how they need to go in the next room, in front of everyone standing there, and pray. Because if other people are going in there to pray, you are made out to look like this satanist jerk if you choose not to. If people wanted to go pray with others, they would go to church. Doing that just would make me personally feel bombarded. The film itself is obviously a one-sided project.

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