Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Irony in Roger and Me

I thought the film "Roger and Me" was very interesting how it presented the issues throughout the film. But I felt was the most extreme use of irony presented and used in the movie was the woman who was selling the rabbits. She was raising rabbits in her backyard because she had no other job (besides raising dogs) and she was selling them to make a profit. but was ironic about it was she was selling them for both food and pets. Not everyone could afford to buy a pet and keep it alive but everyone needed to eat. This woman ha to do anything to survive including selling rabbits in their two extreme forms. And to top it all of at the end of the movie she was being interviewed again and she said that she hoped to get enough money to go back to school and become a veterinary technician!! I couldn't believe that. Another use of irony throughout the film was how he followed the deputy sheriff on his daily travels. First of all it was ironic that the only one who had a consent job was the one kicking out the other people from their homes that didn't have jobs. And I also found it interesting when he said that he got his current job of deputy sheriff when he quit working at the GM plant because it felt like a prison. Because for almost everyone else in Flint it was their life and a great one. And now that it was closed the prisons were filling up incredibly fast. The people that the sheriff was kicking out were also spending their money on other things besides rent. They were buying new clothes and presents while they could not pay for their house. Another use of irony that I found particularly amusing were the rich people spending a night in prison. It was a new prison that was built to handle the dramatic increase of criminal in the city and all of the wealthy people with financial security were spending a joyous fun evening their for their own enjoyment. Michael Moore used a lot of irony throughout the film and used it very well.

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  1. very well put, had good points such as they could have not bought presents and paid rent. The prison I think was a waste of time. Good interpretation of irony, nice examples other than ones we talked about in class.