Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Roger and Me

I think that Moore's use of irony in Roger and me is the post effective tactic used. In many scenes Moore will restate what exactly his point was in that scene. Moore doing so makes his point very clear so that way if maybe you didn't catch the overall point he tells you or reminds you. In many scenes in the film after he speaks to someone in charge Moore has a voice over containing a comment on perhaps a real reason. For example when Moore went to the private club to see if Roger was in there was not a voice over used in the actual scene because everything he got to say inside the question and answer between him and the guy at the front desk. It seems as if Roger is almost in hiding during this documentary because he did not meet up with Moore at the Cafe either. But the way Moore approaches the situatuation and using the irony of his voice over kind of shows that maybe Roger know firing all of the empoloyees at General Motors in Flint was wrong but it could also show that maybe Roger only wants to improve his company by putting General Motors in foreign countries.
Overall I think that Moore's comments and irony throughout out this film are his biggest tactics used to explain and help him make his point throughout the film.


  1. I agree. The scene where Smith ignores moores questions at the meeting shows that Smith is nervous to be asked questions by someone against him. Smith only cares about himself and money, not about all the people affected by the closing of GM

  2. That is a very good point that Moore never covers. Smith may be doing what he needs to do to have his company survive in the future. Moore only focuses on the rich and the very poor, but no one in the middle. He needs to focus more on a broader aspect of the crisis and expand his views.