Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hell House

I thought the way Hell house was shot and presented was done in a very interesting way. The main purpose of a documentary is to show something how it really is in life. To not change or ad to the situation and just show people something that is happening in real life that they would not normally scene. Most documentarians don't do that. They influence, whether they wanted to or not, the people or end up changing the scene so its not totally true. Hell House, or at lest it does a very good job to make it look so, does not do that. The camera follows a very fly on the wall type feel. The documentarian does not get involved with the scenes and the interviews are kept short to what seems like one question. It makes it feel more real. That the camera is really just following these people around and they are not changing their ways because the camera is there. I feel that this way of filming makes the documentary much more convincing and accomplishing their message in a much more powerful way.
Showing the children try out and practicing their skits is also very powerful. It shows how many people are into doing this Hell House and how they feel that they are helping people. Its not just adults its kids and teenagers too. And the people trying out get very much into the scenes and end up crying themselves in just trying out for the role! It shows the power that the church has over these families and individuals that they can't even see.

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