Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hell House

Well Hell House was uh... interesting. I thought that the techniques used in this were a little, maybe extreme. The things that they were doing in the play were just to the utmost severity of things that could actually happen. The whole thing where people die in every scene was kind of crazy too. Those were just some of my first impressions watching this. I thought that what they were doing was a good cause, but then when they take it that far its almost not a good thing anymore. They turned what was probably supposed to be a fun scary place to go into a crazy religious experience that people who came through may have been just tremendously terrified not in a fun way.
Even though I understand that what they were trying to do was scare people away from doing bad things and hence going to hell, I do not fully understand the whole point of taking it to those extreme levels when most of those things do not happen to 99% of people. I thought the scene where the dad caught his wife cheating by the computer was really dumb, because I couldn't tell if they were trying to pin the going to hell on the father for drinking or the mother for cheating. It was hard to figure some of the scenes out. Another thing I thought was weird was how into Hell House that the kids got. They were doing intense scenes and they were totally cool with it and it almost seemed that they lived for this. I just found it kinda different.
All in all, it was a very informative documentary on what was going on at this church and everything about Hell House. I didn't think that it would be that intense and stuff, and I thought some of the things in the movie were extremely over exaggerated. To tell some people to do good and want to goto heaven is one thing. But to have scenes with people killing themselves and going through so many problems to where the audience probably wants to just go home is a whole different aspect of spreading the good news of the Bible.

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