Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hell house

Hell house is documentary film about the Trinity Christian Church located in Texas who puts on a haunted house unlike any other. George Ratliff goes into this film hoping to accomplish something not normally; a film that is not bias and free of judgment so they are there to purely show the story at hand. It starts out with Ratliff interviewing different people about their thoughts and who they feel about the Hell House, and then we see how the auditions are conducted through August. Up to this part Ratliff stays pretty neutral in the film but we see him take sides slightly when he goes over to the single dad’s family. We see his youngest son have a seizure and break down praying to god to help bring him out of it. A few seconds later he seems to slip out of it and his dad proceeds to thank god for his help. The filmmakers really do not need to show this clip I feel since it could bring over people to that side of the argument saying the church is right in partaking of Hell House. Later we see how much the kids enjoy trying out for the parts in the production and this may have been done to counter the effect of the filming of the family stated before in this paragraph. It’s almost odd how happy these kids are to play the parts in the production. The girls want to be the best rape or abortion girl possible and the guys go after the rappers or best school shooters. It probably is an outlet for them since they go to a church based high school and don’t really have any outlet for their creativity. Even after they are chosen for the parts, they laugh right after they read their parts about being raped, which is a bit odd.

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